Doggy Dandruff: Why It Happens and How To Effectively Treat and Eradicate It

Are you brushing your canine and notice the whitish scales he/she have? Do you notice your dog is scratching a bit more than normal? If so, then don’t fret too much. Your canine friend has a little bit of dandruff, which means your dog has dry skin.

What is dandruff? It’s dead skin caused by dryness that flakes off, and it’s aggravated by a number of things:

  • Little to no humidity – this is especially true if you have an indoor dog and the heat is constant. Your dog’s skin, much like yourself, dries out during the winter.
  • Decreased levels of natural oils in the skin.
  • Unknown skin condition

If your dog is suffering with dandruff, it wouldn’t hurt to see the veterinarian to ensure there are no underlying conditions. After all, some conditions need a special kind of shampoo for proper treatment.

Brushing and Bathing… It’s The First Step To Combat Dandruff

When life is busy, you may feel that brushing your dog is a chore you can overlook time and again. According to animal behaviorist Stephen L. Zawistowski, people see brushing as a big event that must last an hour or more. However, he said, that’s not true. In fact, a mere 10 minutes each day can make all the difference.

Your dog’s coat is going to determine how extensive the brushing and combing needs to be. If you have a long-haired canine (Newfoundlands and golden retrievers), you’ll need to brush their coat more intensively and a little longer. Short-haired canines such as beagles or Dalmatians are not that difficult to bush but doing it regularly can reduce their shedding. It’s best to use a steel-tooth comb to eliminate the tangles then go with a stiff bristle to eliminate the loose hair.

Need a good anti-dandurff dog product fast?

Here are 5 bestselling antidandruff dog products if you are looking for an immediate relief for your dog before your start investing its condition further:

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Medicated Shampoo SynergyLabs $11.99
Antifungal Spray SynergyLabs $11.99
Conditioner Vet's Best $9.99
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5 Home Remedies You Can Use On Dog Dandruff

When you decide to treat your dog’s dandruff through a home remedy, you still need to be mindful that it could be the result of an undiagnosed cause – allergies, parasites, etc. This is why it’s a good idea to see your vet first to rule out any of this.

For example: dandruff can affect dogs with dry skin and extremely oily skin like seborrhea. The treatments for the conditions will vary, and the wrong treatment can worsen the actual condition. After a medical reason is deemed not the reason, you can use natural treatments to help alleviate your dog’s dandruff problem. What are some of the natural remedies you can use to help dry skin-related dandruff?

  • Give Your Dog More Water

The more water your dog is drinking, the more hydrated the skin is going to be. When canines are not taking in enough water, their skin will dry out. Be sure to keep the dog’s water bowl always full.

  • Better Their Diet

Inexpensive dog food is loaded with artificial flavors, colors, additives and preservatives. This can lead to a dull, dry coat that can result in dandruff. Look at the ingredients in your dog’s food before you buy it. Stick with the premium stuff.

  • Brush The Natural Oils

If the skin doesn’t have any natural oils, your brushing his coat on a regular basis can help stimulate the skin to generate the oils. The brushing will then spread it to the rest of the coat. Be sure to brush your dog’s coat roughly the same time each day, allowing the natural skin oils to spread evenly.

  • Add Fatty Acids

In order to ensure a healthy canine inside, you need to supplement their diet with some fatty acids. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can ensure the dog’s natural oils are restored to acceptable levels and maintain their shiny coat. Many canine diets have been formulated to ensure healthy coat and skin and have fatty acids already in them.

  • Additional Oil To The Diet

Safflower, sunflower or a special salmon oil for dogs can be added to your dog’s food, giving them some additional fat to ensure that healthy coat. However, you want to use fresh oil. Older oil can go rancid, and won’t help restore the coat. How do you give this kind of oil to a dog? A small dog needs no more than one teaspoon at each meal. A large dog can suffice with one tablespoon for each meal. You can also rub several drops of olive oil directly (or spray it) on the coat.

3 Doggie Dandruff Shampoos To Consider For use

1. SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Dog Shampoo

SynergyLabs provides a specialized medicated shampoo, which can be used on canines that have skin irritations and/or parasites. With the special formula, it can reduce and eradicate the appearance of rashes, clean greasy hair and calm the inflamed skin. SynergyLabs makes sure not to use any paraben dye or soaps in its formula.

2. Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

Earthbath is a popular brand because of its natural formula and effectiveness. It’s comprised of all-natural ingredients and is soap-free so the skin is protected from various conditions like dry skin and irritation. Best of all, the shampoo is bio-degradable and safe for use.

3. Malaseb Shampoo

This shampoo brings together antifungal and antibacterial agents with coat conditioners to boost its effectiveness. Malaseb is ideal for dermatological conditions tied to infections like Malassezia dermatitis. Anti-fungal agent Micronazole Nitrate can fight against gram-positive fungi and bacteria such as Malassezia. The Chlorhexidine Gluconate is an antiseptic that protects the skin from an array of microorganisms like gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.


Special Note: Since dandruff can be the result of a medical conditions like seborrhea or abnormal thyroid levels, you should speak with your pet’s vet before you use any natural remedies formulated for dogs. Make sure your vet sees your dog if they have dandruff

Article last update: 21 Sep 2015 by Roy Patton

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