What types of dandruff treatment exist?

Dandruff is skin disorder of the scalp that causes skin cells to rapidly die and flake off. Normally, skin cells on the scalp will die and come off the skin as a flake, but people with dandruff will experience excessive amounts of it. The affected area will also be red and itchy, so the more you scratch it, the more flakes will come off. (You can read more about it here: What is dandruff)

When it comes to treatments, you have to understand where dandruff comes from and how it’s being caused. There is no clear reason why dandruff happens, but medical experts believe that there are other factors like increased oil production in the scalp area, hormonal imbalance or issues, problems with the immune system, and even the weather.

The most common treatment for dandruff is to get a dandruff shampoo. These dandruff shampoos contain active ingredients like:

  • Coal tar preparations (Denorex Therapeutic Protection, Neutrogena T/Gel, Scytera)
  • Pyrithione zinc (Selsun Blue for Itchy Dry Scalp, Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control Dandruff Shampoo, Head & Shoulders)
  • Salicylic acid and sulfur (Sebex, Sebulex)
  • Salicylic acid (Neutrogena T/Sal )
  • Selenium sulfide (Dandrex, Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength, Selsun)
  • Ketoconazole (Extina, Nizoral A-D, Xolegel)

These kinds of shampoo are intended to help control dandruff. (read our article Anti-Dandruff Shampoos we do not recommend) This usually means that it focuses more on the reduction of the symptoms or presence of flakes. A good example would be Head & Shoulders, as it’s one of the most effective brands when it comes to reducing the presence of flakes and keeping the skin of the scalp moisturized.

You can also make use of natural remedies and treatments to help you get rid of your dandruff problems. Tea tree oil is an effective natural remedy to your dandruff problems and all you have to do is add a small amount of it to your regular shampoo every time you wash. Apple cider vinegar (get a free 16.9 oz Bottle here) is also good for keeping the pH levels of your skin balanced. You can rinse your hair with a mixture of 1 cup apple cider vinegar and 3 cups warm water. Let it stay on your hair for 30 minutes then wash it off with regular water.

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