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This site is targetet to those interested in beauty, dandruff, natural remedies, skin issues etc.

Around 74% of the audience is from the USA, 14% from the UK, 2% from CA with the remaining percentage coming from all over the world.

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Guest Posting

Do you have an article, story or opinion you want to share?

If so, then consider reviewing the posting guidelines and I’ll be glad
to look it over and potentially publish it.

Posting Guidelines

I aim for a high quality of writing, and any guest blog posts will be held
to the same high-quality standards.

Some of the qualities I look for when checking out posts include:

• Offer hands-on advice that people can take action on
• Be based on case studies
• Use real-world information
• Add in suitable images to help readers

Remember, readers who have advice they can act upon are
bound to apply it to their daily sleep routine.

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