Hair styling gel brought me dandruff

I have had the problem of dandruff ever since my early days. My mother feared that it was skin eczema which is why she got me checked from various skin specialists. She was told that it was not eczema, and that there was nothing to worry about because dandruff will begin to disappear slowly until it completely ends, but the fact that my hair was always full of dandruff was something which kept her worried.

The problem does not run in my family or I did not inherit it in my genes, in fact, I am the only one in my family to have this problem. With the passage of time, the problem seemed to minimize, as it was indicated by the skin specialists. By the time I reached my teenage, the dandruff had gone.

I had even grown my hair should-length long for my school’s annual party. I made all the styles that I ever wanted to in my college days. But the problem started to rise again with my excessive use of hair styling gel. I would style my hair using gel, hair sprays and wax on every day basis. My mother used to say that I should not use such cosmetics on daily basis, but I did not listen to her until I realized that my hair had started falling.

My hair loss got me worried. I immediately got a haircut and got myself checked from a skin specialist. He told me that I have dandruff in my hair which needs to be cured before I start losing my hair even more rapidly. Since then, I have been oiling my hair regularly. I wash them with a special shampoo (made of natural ingredients without any chemicals) every alternative day. And I keep my hair short. And last, but certainly not the least, I do not use hair gels, sprays or wax anymore for styling. The only thing I apply to my hair is oil, nothing else.

With the help of these measures, my hair fall has decreased but the dandruff is still there. What I have learned is that applying gels or other styling materials destroy the hair the most. And washing hair daily also leads to hair fall, especially in the monsoon season because of the humidity in the air. Moreover, warm water in winter leads to an increase in dandruff in the hair as well. Although my hair do not fall as much as they used to, but dandruff still prevails. I hope with proper care, nourishment and oiling, the dandruff will end too.

Zain, from Pakistan

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