How to deal with dry skin under beard

Men usually experience and undergo a dry skin under their beard. Any kind of dandruff is embarrassing, but dandruff under your beard is really annoying. Skin under beard usually gets dry when natural oil of skin dries out, causing flaking.

Dryness is responsible for itching and irritation to skin under beard. Cold and dry weather can also be causes of dry and flaky skin.

Somehow, facial hairs are also responsible for dry skin, drawing moisture up from the surface and onto the hair, where it evaporates quickly. This can leave the skin underneath the hair dry and flaky. Dead skin cells that are daily removed by skin washing and exfoliation may get stuck around the hair shafts attracting grease, and it leads to the formation of painful ingrown hair.

Use of hair grooming products and body soap can also cause dry and flaky skin. According to doctors stress and lack of sleep is also a major contributor in dry skin.

Dry skin or dandruff under beard is not a life threatening problem; however, do not ignore this problem it wouldn’t go away on its own. If dry skin is left untreated, dry and itchy skin may become painful.

Beardmen with dry & itchy skin

How to treat dry skin under your beard

Daily wash your beard at least twice a day with cold water. Do not wash with hot water it may remove natural oil of skin rendering more dry.

After washing, apply oil to moisturize the skin under beard. Best oils for dry skin are jojoba oil, olive oil and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has an anti-bacterial action too. Use of natural oils is best solution for dry skin or dandruff under beard. Massage any one of these oils gently to avoid further dryness. Use this treatment once or twice a week depending on the severity of dandruff or dryness.

There are many products available under the names of different brands in the market. These products are in the form of lotions, creams, shampoos, oils and many more. Beardoholic, for example, is parabens free beard oil that not only conditions and moisturizers the skin but according to the oil manufacturer also promotes faster and thicker growth of facial hair. Another very effective and high quality product to moisturize beard is Honest Amish Beard Oi. It is actually a combination of virgin argan, golden jojoba and 6 more premium hydrating oils. It is known as one of the most trusted brands for beards in the world.

5 bestselling and best rated beard oils & conditioners that will moisturize the skin under your beard with rich ingredients and prevent beardruff:

BrandShort DescriptionOverall Verdict
1.Ranger Grooming & Leven RoseFrangrance free beard oil cointaining only 2 ingredients – jojoba and Moroccan Argan Oil.Best Overall
2.The Gentlemen’s BeardHandcrafted in USA for those who are willing to pay a bit extra for extra quality. This beard oil has incredible absorbency and softening power.Best Premium
3.Mountaineer BrandInexpensive but still quality option if your beard is extra large.Best Value
4.Viking RevolutionRestore softness and shine to your beard. Carefully curated scents to keep your beard fresh and masculine.Best Variety Pack
5.BossmanGreat for owners of extra-dry, wiry beards. It does not absorb as quickly as other similar beard oil products.Best Extra Strength Hydration

Shampoo your beard two or three times a week. Choosing the right shampoo for dryness or dandruff is substantial but difficult too. There are many shampoos available in market, but, Selsun Blue and Head & Shoulder may work as better option. To control dryness use shampoos rich in vitamin B and E. However, to control dandruff under beard try to use shampoos which contain Coal Tar, Selenium sulfide, Sulfur, Zinc or pyrithione. Before applying a medicated shampoo wash your face with a gentle cleanser such as Nivea Men DEEP Cleansing to remove the excess oil. Apply shampoo on your beard (do not rub) and leave it for recommended time, after that rinse it, so that no residue remain in beard. Remaining residues also a big cause of dandruff. Massage a moisturizing conditioner immediately after shampooing.
There are also many brands of soap available to control dryness and dandruff of skin, one of them is Zinc Bar Soap. It is a medicated soap especially designed to treat most of the skin problems. It helps to restore the skin natural oil.

A healthy diet may also help in preventing and controlling dry skin under beard. Excessive use of fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants also help to overcome many skin problems. Stress is also a major contributing factor in dryness or dandruff. Taking a full sleep and adopting a healthy life style also help a lot to control dryness and dandruff.

If any one of the above treatments is not working, immediately consult your dermatologist or doctor. Extreme dryness may be by virtue of serious medical condition, such as, hyperthyroidism and kidney disease.

Last update: 31 Mar 2020

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