Sea water can help you battle dandruff

Dandruff is a common name for shedding of dead skin cells from your scalp. Unfortunately, half of the population has to deal with that problem, and if you are among the “unlucky ones”, you are probably wondering how to get rid of this annoying thing once and for all.

It surely is quite embarrassing and inconvenient to have your clothes covered with white flakes when it is not even snowing outside, so it would be a good idea to react as quickly as possible and start treating dandruff.

There are many ways you can try get to the bottom of that problem with. You can either buy different products (e.g. antidandruff shampoo) that you can find out there, which promises that it can solve your problems (this can take a while, because you will have to figure out which antidandruff shampoo is actually the righ one – you can read some of the reviews here), or you can choose a more natural way to approach it. Which is by using sea water against dandruff. How convenient, as we tend to go to the seaside during the summer, where there are unlimited resources of sea water.

Inspect your scalp for dandruff

If you decide to use salt for dandruff treatment, you will not only save some money, but you can also be at peace, knowing that you are not letting all sorts of dangerous chemicals into your body. (If you still want to use a shampoo we would suggest using a sulfate-free shamoo)

Benefits of sea water against dandruff are endless. Firstly, you get rid of current flakes that are invading your scalp. Secondly, salt absorbs excess oil in your hair, which means it does not become greasy that quickly. Additionally, the salt soaks all the moisture from your scalp, which does not mean that you will be left with dry hair, but it will prevent your scalp from fungal growth. Which in other words means a dandruff-free scalp (and clothes, combs, hats etc.).

So, by applying these simple changes, you will be able to see the progress fairly quickly, leaving you wondering why you have not thought of this solution before. But as usual, the best things are not always the most obvious ones.

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