Learn all you need to know about how to prevent eyebrow dandruff

If your skin gets really dry during the winter the result can be eyebrow dandruff. We are all facing the big question sign when it comes to this question! You should not be afraid of signs of dandruff because it can be fixed with the right methods of washing and taking care of your face.

Firstly you need to think about the way you wash your face. You should use soap which is different than your whole body soap. I think most women don’t do this step wrong, but I needed to say it out loud.

It is a habit for men to use the same soap for their body and face and eyebrow dandruff is the result of that! Just use Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Face & Beard wash or similar face wash and you will see the difference on your face. (If a man really wants to use the same soap for face & body I would suggest using a product that is Sulfate-Free and has Aloe Vera and Tea Trea Oil in it, such as Brickell Men’s Wash.)

How To Naturally Combat Eyebrow Dandruff and Bring Moisture Back To Your Skin

It may seem like something to laugh about but eyebrow dandruff is serious and needs to be taken as such. The condition is generally the result of the same problems that cause scalp dandruff, which means most folks who have eyebrow dandruff also have scalp dandruff.

In order to combat eyebrow dandruff, there are two answers to your problem: shampooing and moisturizing your eyebrows.

Why and How Should You Moisturize Your Eyebrows

Moisturize Your Eyebrows

When the skin beneath the eyebrows is not properly hydrated, it can cause the eyebrows to become tight, itchy and flaky – more so during the winter season.

How can you eliminate eyebrow dandruff?

The first thing you should do is use your fingers while washing your face to scrub your brows to get rid of any dry, dead skin (some women and men use a skin scrubber, according to various reviews men were really impressed with FOREO LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush, but it does cost over $100.).

Be sure you really rinse your face off, using a moisturizer loaded with vitamin E. With moisturizer, you can keep additional dryness at bay. Do not regularly wax your eyebrows. Rather, gentle tweeze your eyebrows to shape them up.

Make sure you apply a good moisturizer each night before going to bed. All you need to do is put a little moisturizing oil or cream on a Q-tip and put it on your index finger. Be mindful not to get it into your eye. When you moisturize the dry skin, it ensures no additional dryness occurs, as it decreases the amount of flaking you experience.

One moisturizing option at your disposal is Castor’s special organic oil, which is a USDA-certified cold-pressed oil. It has an array of helpful properties like anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It’s the perfect therapy to tackle various scalp problems like infections, itchy scalp or bald scalp. Each of these properties can fight the micro-organisms and pathogens, while combating the dandruff too.

Some of the Best Eyebrow Moisturizers

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How To Properly Shampoo Your Eyebrows

Shampoo your eyebrows

Eyebrow dandruff treatment is extremely similar to how you’d treat scalp dandruff. It’s perfectly fine to use an anti-dandruff shampoo, but make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes and you rinse it out entirely. If you like the idea of shampooing your eyebrows, consider using the Argan Oil Shampoo, which is a Sulfate-free shampoo that can moisturize the skin under the eyebrows and decrease the amount of flaking that occurs.

How do you properly use the Argan Oil Shampoo? You put a small amount onto your hands, massaging it deep into the eyebrows. Leave it on for several minutes, allowing the essential oils to soak into the skin and start the healing process. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo off your skin.

Of course, there’s also the possibility the eyebrow dandruff you’re experiencing is actually scalp dandruff. After all, when you comb your hair, the dandruff falls onto your eyebrows, back and shoulders.

What do The Doctors say about eyebrow dandruff and how to get rid of it?

Short video summary: You can easily try to remove eyebrow dandruff with one popular home remedy. All you need is a soft toothbrush and a baby shampoo. Remove the dead skin build-up with a soft toothbrush using a gentle cleanser, such as California Baby Calendula Shampoo. Wait around five minutes after rubbing a little of baby oil onto your eyebrows, and then wash it off before it can clog your pores. If this does not work try washing your eyebrows with an actual anti-dandruff shampoo.

Millions share your problem

When it comes to eyebrow dandruff you should know that millions of women and men have similar problems so it is clear that you are not the only one and you are not the last one with these kinds of problems. When you want your eyebrow dandruff to disappear you should just buy shampoos like Argan Oil Shampoo or the ones who are made on an oil base.

The soaps made for the whole body can dry your face out and that is the real way this goes serious. If you already have your face dried out you should use a moisturizer such as Castor’s special organic oil as soon as possible. Never underestimate the power of the nature based products when it comes to solving your cosmetic problems. Nature often has the best solution.

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